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Kee Step® Rooftop Crossovers

Creates a safe route over objects and obstructions on the rooftop without penetrating the roof membrane.

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Kee Step® Rooftop Crossovers

The top of all rooftop crossovers

Roof surfaces can be extremely dangerous places to work, but not if Kee Step® is installed. It provides a safe, anti-slip, level walking surface to access areas of the roof and to safely walk across it. Step sections are adjustable and can be used on sloped roofs too. Added to this, it also protects the roof sheet from foot traffic.
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Why do you need Kee Step® Rooftop Crossovers?

Safe Rooftop Access

Our custom-built step over platforms will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your individual rooftop surface and provide a safe route over pipework, HVAC and other rooftop obstructions. Everything is engineered to meet EN and OSHA safety standards and designed for maximum durability.

Traverse All Levels

Every rooftop is different. Shape and surface transitions require a step over system that securely deals with changes in level and height. Kee Step® roof crossovers and stepovers exceed the capabilities of other customised, fabricated, off-the-shelf platforms.

Modular Design

Each step over can be specifically designed to suit your specific needs. Thanks to its modular components, we can design secure structures that are reliable, flexible and support your critical safety needs. And with no welding needed, installation is simple ensuring minimal on-site disruption.

Key Features

Safe Passage

Workers avoid trip hazards or larger obstacles when working at height or ground level

Easily Configured

Create a custom approach for a level or offset surfaces ensuring safe access

Standard Kit Formats

Available in standard sizes in kit form, ensuring it can be installed quickly and create a safe working area.

No Welding Needed

Made from tubular fittings and standard modules so it can be installed on site without any welding.

Exceeds Safety Standards

Conforms and often exceeds relevant standards including BS EN 14122-3 and is also CE Marked.

Long Lasting

Available in aluminium or galvanised steel for long-lasting protection, corrosion resistance and strength.

Slip Resistant

Slip Resistance Compliant to BS 4592 ensuring the treads are safe in all weather conditions.

Suitable for All Roof Types

A non-penetrating system, that’s approved for all roof types with excellent corrosion resistance.

Design Options


High grade nylon treads, checker plate or grating

Base Feet

Roof mounted, fixed feet, or a combination of both

Bespoke Options

Variable heights and lengths available to suit project requirements

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Highest standards for rooftop safety

Our rooftop crossovers are designed to comply with current regulations and standards such as the Work at Height Regulations, BS5395: Part 3 and EN: 14122, BS 1139-6:2005, PAS 250 and OSHA.

Certified at our advanced testing facility

Kee Safety runs one of the world’s leading test and training centers at its UK Head Office. Run by a team of industry experts, this state-of-the-art facility ensures Kee Safety meets the needs of its customers, provides them with fully compliant products, and drives new innovation with the purpose of separating people from hazards.

Kee Step® Rooftop Crossover in Action

Trusted Fall Protection for Recognized Brands

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Kee Step® Rooftop Crossovers Applications

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