News / New Type of Pallet Gate For Larger Pallets

New Type of Pallet Gate For Larger Pallets

New Type of Pallet Gate For Larger Pallets

Kee Safey Limited is further enhancing the range of Pallet Gates with a new design to accommodate taller pallets.

The Type “F” Pallet Gate allows for much larger pallets to be safely loaded to and unloaded from a mezzanine floor than has been possible with the range previously. The new Pallet Gate can accommodate pallets up to a maximum size of 1.5m (deep) x 2.0m (length) x 2.5m (height).


What is the purpose of a Pallet Gate?   

Pallet Gates are used to provide fall protection whilst goods are being loaded to or unloaded from a mezzanine floor. The gate swings between an open and closed position to allow access to the Pallet from either the mezzanine or from ground level whilst providing collective protection at all times.


What is different about the Type F Pallet Gate?  

The Type “F” Pallet Gate is able to cater for much larger pallets than we have been able to protect in the past. The max pallet size is now 1.5m (deep) x 2.0m (length) x 2.5m (height).


How is the Pallet Gate supplied?

The Type “F” Pallet Gate is supplied partially assembled in kit form for final installation on site. The gate is available as galvanised but should the customer require a powder coated finish this can be arranged.


When will the Pallet Gate be available?

The Type “F” Pallet Gate is available from Kee Safety Limited now.


The new Type “F” Pallet Gate



New Product Bulletin

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