News / New Product: Vertical Infill Panels

New Product: Vertical Infill Panels

New Product: Vertical Infill Panels

Kee Safety Limited introduces standard infill panels compatible with KEE KLAMP fittings and all other guardrail safety components.

International standards indicate that railings in dwellings and buildings accessible to children should not have gaps large enough to permit a sphere of 100mm diameter to pass through.

Kee Safety Limited offers two standard panels, each designed to meet a different load case. The 1500mm wide panel will meet loading criteria up to 0.74kN/m, and the 1000mm wide panel will meet loading criteria up to 1.5kN/m. The standard panels come in a galvanized finish. They can also be powder coated to a specific RAL number.


Part Numbers: VBI10G & VBI15G


How do the Infill Panels attach?    

Slide the top and bottom rails of the panel into size 8 KEE KLAMP fittings. Tighten the set screw to secure the tube.


What loading should I use?

Each project should be assessed, but as a rule of thumb, 0.74kN/m for residential areas, and 1.5kN/m for both retail and vehicular areas (you should ensure you comply with all local building code regulations).


Can I have a bespoke option? 

The standard panels should meet 80% of all applications, however bespoke panels are available on request.


What size does the vertical post need to be?

0.74kN/m @1.5m spacing = 48.3mm x 3.2mm thickness
1.50kN/m @ 1.0m spacing  = 48.3mm x 5.0mm thickness


When will the panels be available?

The panels are available now from Kee Safety Limited.


New Product Bulletin


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