News / New Product: Kee Klamp High Capacity Railing Flange

New Product: Kee Klamp High Capacity Railing Flange

New Product: Kee Klamp High Capacity Railing Flange

The new KEE KLAMP 623 High Capacity Railing Flange is being introduced, it can be used to create stronger, more rigid railings.

The new KEE KLAMP High Capacity Railing Flange fitting is a base for ground-based railings in areas that are prone to crowding, including stadiums, grandstands, theatres, cinemas, shopping malls and urban footpaths. The fitting has been designed for railings that need to resist loadings of up to 3 kN/m along the top rail.

In what size is the KEE KLAMP 623 available?

The KEE KLAMP Fitting Type 623 is available in two sizes: size 8 (tube diameter 48.3mm) and size 9 (tube diameter 60.3mm)

Part Numbers: 623-8 & 623-9


How large a bay size can be constructed with this fitting?  

For building code and code of practice compliant railings, bays (post spacing) may be up to 1m. Posts must be circular hollow tube size 9 with at least 5.0mm wall thickness (based on minimum grade yield stress 235 MPa - 35 ksi).


What kind of railings can be constructed with this fitting?

Currently only flat and level railing solutions can be constructed to meet the 3kN loading requirements. Stairway and ramp railings (typically built to differing standards) can be connected to this “high capacity” railing with our standard range of fittings.


What are the minimum fixing requirements?

The minimum fixing requirements are 22kN.


When  will the fitting be available?

The fitting is available from Kee Safety Limited now.


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