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Kee Safety Export Division offers our customers based outside the UK Virtual Rooftop Safety Surveys.

Virtual Rooftop Safety Survey

Due to COVID-19 spreading rapidly around the world, we cannot travel and cannot visit sites right now. However, safety remains key and Kee Safety is dedicated to ensuring all buildings and structures are safe and secure. During these challenging times, our Export Division offers customers outside the UK Virtual Rooftop Safety Surveys.

Identifying and controlling safety hazards is a difficult, complex, and time-consuming process, but we can help. Our safety experts are well-equipped to assess your rooftop remotely. Using Satellite Technology to view your site, our consultants will identify fall hazards, make recommendations on the changes you could implement to comply to the regulations in your country, and provide a detailed report without needing to visit the site. These surveys are free of charge and non-obligatory.

Our consultative approach will equip you with the tools you need to move forward with the project and be ready to implement the safety measures needed once site access is available.



How Our Virtual Safety Survey Works?

The virtual safety audit will be completed in three stages.


First, we invite you to join us on an online video call via Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom. This will give us the opportunity to listen to your requirements and understand your needs. You can extend this invitation to as many of your colleagues as you like. Just let us know who they are and their role in your business, so we can address the questions they may be interested in.


Second, we’ll use satellite technology to view your site and gain accurate dimensions of the roof. Our experienced consultants will assess safety hazards on your roof and make recommendations on the changes you could implement to ensure the building complies to all relevant regulations and legislation in your country.


Third, we’ll create and present a report to you and your team. This document will show you how you can achieve compliance to the regulations, increase protection for your workers, lower risks and hazards and reduce liability to prosecution and fines. The report will also include an accurate quotation to meet the safety needs of your project.

And that’s it – three simple steps and you have received a full site safety assessment.




How do We Assess Risk on the Rooftop?

Kee Safety fall protection experts perform a critical analysis of the entire rooftop surface to identify the hazards where workers are exposed to the greatest risk. This ensures that the most dangerous areas are protected immediately with fall protection systems and are compliant to relevant regulations.

We assess risk based on two factors:

1. Severity of injury

In fall protection assessment, the severity of a fall-related injury is always assumed to be life-threatening.

2. Likelihood

The greatest predictor for the likelihood of an accident occurring is to review the frequency of exposure to the hazard on the roof.


We prioritise our Risk Assessment based on the critical danger and how frequently workers are exposed to it. Each site is unique, and your specific roof may require variable safety solutions.


Benefits of Virtual Rooftop Safety Survey

  • Allows you to recognise hazards that exist on the roof from the comfort and safety of your “home” office
  • Provides you with a detailed action plan, prioritising the areas deemed as “critical”
  • Offers you a customised solution that fits the exact needs of your facility
  • Delivers a detailed report, which you can present to your peers, upper management, or budget approval board
  • Gives you a coordinated plan to inspectors
  • Will improve worker safety with compliant fall protection solutions
  • Will improve facility safety to avoid penalties
  • It is completely free and non-obligatory


Virtual Meetings

We don’t restrict our virtual meetings to rooftop safety surveys only. We are leveraging technology to be able to offer our customers a free of charge virtual safety audit for rooftops, ground level work and internal installations.

Durig the virtual meeting, we’ll use Google Earth or where possible, photographs, drawings or footage that you can provide us with, to view the site to identify potential hazards and consider the relevant building regulations.Whether you require rooftop safety systems to combat working at height challenges or safe access solutions for internal applications, or railing systems to provide smooth surface handrailing at ground level, we are here to help.

Our expertise and versatile product range allows us to offer these virtual safety audits and technical advice. We want to work with you - our customers, to provide a service that will ensure you can continue the essential work that you do best and separate people from hazards.

With the help of Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom, our customers can live chat with us regarding any questions or orders. So, don’t hesitate and get in touch.

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