Warehouse Safety Guardrails

  • Warehouse safety railings and guardrails
  • Warehouse guardrails constructed from KEE KLAMP fittings
  • KEE KLAMP safety handrails and guardrails
  • KEE KLAMP safety barriers

Installation Details

KEE KLAMP barriers and guardrails are very often used in warehouses to separate pedestrian traffic from areas which may be hazardous, dangerous or which must be controlled for pedestrian safety.

Warehouse handrails and guardrails provide a structure which improves awareness of walkways and pedestrian routes. They are ideal for areas around machines and other parts of the warehouse with low fork lift truck traffic.

Warehouse guardrails allow to:

  • separate traffic zones from restricted areas
  • protect equipment and personnel from forklift and vehicle traffic
  • protect from shield electrical panels and hazardous storage areas
  • improve safety on catwalks and mezzanines
  • guide products and parts traveling on conveyors
  • separate sections of a warehouse

Guardrails and safety barriers are crucial to any working environment where falling or being crushed can occur and each platform in a warehouse needs a guardrail system to prevent falling. Our KEE KLAMP tubular fittings allow building quickly and cost effectively safe warehouse railings and guardrails.

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