Safety gates for platforms used to transport wind turbines

  • Self-closing safety gate
  • Spring loaded safety gate
  • CE marked industrial safety gate

Installation Details

Kee Safety’s Export Division supplied our self-closing safety gates to an engineering company operating in the energy sector, in Denmark.

Kee Safety’s self-closing safety gates have been installed to secure access to specific platforms used for transporting wind turbine propeller / blades via road.

The client’s specific requirement was that the safety gates had to be CE certified. Kee Safety’s industrial safety gates are CE marked to EN 1090 and comply with requirements of EN 14122 Part 3 & Part 4. The gates are spring loaded so will automatically close behind the user.

KEE GATE safety gates are adjustable and easy to install, can fit different surfaces (round or square).

The gates are available off the shelf and our Export Team was able to dispatch and deliver products to Denmark very quickly, within the client timescale.

More information about Kee Safety’s self-closing safety gates can be found on the KEE GATE product page.

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