Safe access to trains during painting

  • KEELINE Overhead wire systems
  • KEELINE Overhead life line system
  • KEELINE Overhead traveller

Installation Details

Transnet Engineering, a leading South African supplier to the railway industry, required working at height safety solutions for safe access to trains during painting in spray booths. They have chosen Kee Safety’s KEELINE overhead wire system as the ideal solution.

Kee Safety’s partner in South Africa designed, supplied & project managed the installation of this solution. Over twenty KEELINE overhead systems were installed to the internal roof structure.

KEELINE overhead wire system components were supplied by Kee Safety’s Export Department.

KEELINE Overhead

Where overhead continuous fall protection is needed, the KEELINE system provides a reliable anchor line which can span for up to 200m continuously. Fall arrest devices are connected to smooth running travellers, which are designed to glide over special intermediate supports brackets effortlessly. KEELINE is fitted with two shock absorbers to guarantee fall forces kept under 6kN to the structure.

KEELINE Material: Stainless steel.
Conformance: EN795 Class C.

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