Safe Access to Fragile Roofs

Installation Details

EASI-DEC Access Systems, a Kee Safety company, has supplied the Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget factory in Ramsbottom with a range of access solutions that provide safe access to fragile roofs and valleys for general roof maintenance.

SCA staff regularly access the roof for general maintenance so a safe access solution was required. BOARD-WALK and VALLEY-WALK, a part of the Easi-Dec’s industrial roof access range, were installed to provide secure access over the fragile roof. Both products are part of the Easi-Dec industrial roof access range and comply with relevant health and safety regulations.

A portable mesh walkway

BOARD-WALK is a portable mesh walkway which runs from the eaves to the ridges. The system spreads the weight across the support battens, allowing the workers to confidently move along the full length of the system.  Made of high grade aluminium, the structure is lightweight, easily transportable and can be used on roof pitches up to 30 degrees.

Mobile walking frames

Additionally five VALLEY-WALK systems were installed on the roof to provide safe access across the valleys. The lightweight mobile walking frames are designed for one or two people when working along gutters.  Outriggers are filled with safety mesh and cushioned for comfort. VALLEY-WALK is suitable for typical symmetrical valleys, but can also be adjusted to suit uneven designs.

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