Safe Roof Access Platform Solution for Danish Client

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Installation Details

The customer

The customer is based in Naestved, Denmark. A Kee Safety solution was provided through our long-term partners and distributors D-S Safety, also based in Naestved. D-S Safety has recently moved into supplying fall safety systems, as well as certification and recertification.

The problem

Safe access was required onto the client’s roof for roof work and maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, falling over the edge of a roof is not the only danger to those who carry out roof work. There are many obstacles on modern roofs, not limited to plant and equipment such as air conditioning units, and sudden changes in level, which can make traversing the roof difficult and even unsafe.

It was identified that step-overs and bespoke access platforms would be the most effective solutions to overcome the obstacles posed on the end user’s roof.

The solution

Kee Safety offers a range of step-over and bespoke platform systems which are hugely effective at providing safe access across roofs.

The standard solution to this issue would have been galvanised walkovers welded by a blacksmith, which would need to be lifted to the roof by a crane. D-S Safety contacted Kee Safety and requested a lead time and price for our alternative.

Drawings and specifications were created and supplied by the Kee Safety technical team based in Cradley, UK immediately.

The end user was able to see that the Kee Safety solution offered far greater benefits at a better price - a reduction of 10% when compared with the welded solution - as well as a difference of 21 days in install time, and no need for a crane to lift the equipment.

The product

The benefits of Kee Safety step-overs and access platforms extend far beyond the cost-effective nature of the product. Designed and built with the modular ethos of the Kee Safety range in mind, our step-over solutions require no welding, are quick and easy to put together without specialised training, and damaged parts can be easily swapped out later without the need to cut into the solution and re-weld.

Kee Safety step-overs and access platforms can be provided in standard sizes or designed bespoke, and used on almost any roof type including asphalt, concrete, and PVC, without penetrating the roof itself. Galvanised Kee Klamp handrails and non-slip nylon steps make traversing the steps simple and safe.

The solution was supplied and installed quickly with minimal interruption to the customer’s daily operation, and they were entirely satisfied by their experience with both Kee Safety and D-S Safety.

Theis Draeberg, CEO of D-S Safety said: ‘The customer enquired about a safe access solution. We knew a custom-made steel solution would be expensive and cumbersome to install, thus, the natural choice was Kee Safety’s bespoke platforms.

The platforms are very easy to install, with no need for craning, and could be fitted to the client’s specific needs. The customer was very satisfied with the solution, particularly noting our quick response from start to finish. Even the employee who carried out the installation was impressed with how easy it was, and how solid the construction was when it was done.’

For more information or to discuss your roof access needs, call Kee Safety on 01384 632 188, or use our online contact form.

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