Roof edge protection for ArcelorMittal

  • Free standing roof edge protection

Installation Details

KEEGUARD free standing roof edge protection and KEE GATE self-closing safety gates have been installed at ArcelorMittal Auto Processing Deutschland GmbH plant in Germany. ArcelorMittal is a multinational steel manufacturing corporation and the world's largest steel producer.

ArcelorMittal wanted to secure a roof with a Collective Fall Protection Solution, to provide safe access for a team maintaining skylights. The roof is access by workers maintaining skylights only. The maintenance team uses a special platform to secure themselves when maintaining rooflights, so no skylight protection was required. The team builds a platform, attach the PPE and moves it from skylight to skylight.

930m of the KEEGUARD system and 6 self-closing gates were installed, the installation took 4 days.

If a property is one where regular access to the roof is a necessity, collective fall protection systems such as roof top guardrails, should be installed. Collective measures are preferred as they prevent several people from falling at the same time and do not require specific user knowledge, which means training and supervision is not essential. Read more about roof edge protection systems offered by Kee Safety.

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