Pallet gate for a wide opening

Installation Details

Kee Safety has supplied a pallet gate to a manufacturing plant of a leading global medical technology company in China. The customer has been expanding its Suzhou manufacturing plant and plans to open a new production line soon. The new facility will be using a mezzanine floor for carrying and storing goods.

The mezzanine by the new production line had a wide opening which wasn’t protected. The wide gap presented a few safety issues, e.g. loading and unloading pallets onto the mezzanine floor could result in a fall from height or somebody below the mezzanine could be hit by moving or falling objects.

The company’s Environment, Health & Safety management performed an audit at the plant and requested a safety solution for the opening on the mezzanine.

Kee Safety has been in contact with the EHS manager for a year and were thought of immediately after the audit was conducted. We have recommended KEE GATE Pallet Gate Type D – the Extra Wide Model made from Aluminium, as a safe access solution.

The opening on the mezzanine floor was 3m x 3.1m wide and a standard pallet gate couldn’t be fitted into the opening because the gap was too wide. Kee Safety’s Technical Team recommended extending the tube lengths of the Extra Wide Pallet Gate to fit the gap size.

The extended KEE GATE Pallet Gate fits perfectly with the wide gap and eliminates the risk of injury to the staff.

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