Mezzanine Pallet Gate for DIY Retailer

Installation Details

Kee Safety has recently supplied a mezzanine pallet gate for a retailer of DIY and home improvement tools and supplies.

The Client's Problem and Our Solution

The client needed a safety solution for its pallets to be safely loaded to and unloaded from a mezzanine floor. They were looking for a safety solution in high quality and with efficient assembly, so they could finalise the project in-time and open their new store according to the time schedule.

Our local Fall Protection Partner installed a Kee Safety’s Pallet Gate Type B without any problems. Installation took one day only.

The Benefits to The Customer

1. The mezzanine pallet gate provides permanent protection for openings on the mezzanine where goods loading and unloading takes place.

2. Kee Safety’s Pallet Gate provides safe area for everyone who has to work on the mezzanine.

3. The system was easy to install so the customer’s deadlines could be met.

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