Kee Klamp handrails provide safety on the Brighton rail line

  • Kee Klamp handrails
  • Handrails with weld mesh panels
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  • Kee Klamp handrails

Installation Details

KEE KLAMP handrails with Weld Mesh Panels have been installed at the new build Brighton depot - a part of the Carillion contract with Network Rail to upgrade depots and stabilise sites as part of the Thameslink programme.

Weld Mesh Panels attached to handrails work as a trash screen to prevent litter from the train depot which subsequently affects the main railway line. The KEE KLAMP fencing also creates a safety barrier of 1m from high voltage cables.

KEE KLAMP fittings are versatile and suitable for use in a variety of areas where tubular structures or barriers are required. The off-the-shelf product range is the largest on the market, providing fittings for every possible application.  All fittings are available with a combination of protective coatings applied to achieve a longer life and a better corrosion resistance. This is vital for structures in areas which may be prone to a high level of weathering or rusting, and structures which are in difficult places to access and work on.

John Lloyd, Section Manager from Carillion said “the fittings are of extremely high quality and easy to install.  We would have no problem specifying Kee Klamp on future projects.”

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