Fall Protection Systems are Kee at the Castle

  • Fall protection systems at Inverness Castle
  • KEELINE horizontal life line for structures
  • KEELINE horizonatl life line for structures
  • KEELINE horizontal life line system
  • RINGANKA Class A1 safety eybolt

Installation Details

Kee Safety fall protection systems were recently installed on Inverness Castle by Kee Safety's fall protection partner. The systems chosen were KEELINE horizontal life line for Structures and the RINGANKA safety eyebolts. The requirement was to ensure routine maintenance on the roof could be carried out in a safe manor whilst working at height on the Castle.

Inverness Castle sits on a cliff overlooking the River Ness, in Inverness, Scotland. The red sand stone structure evident today was built in 1836. It is built on the site of an 11th century defensive structure. Today, it houses Inverness Sheriff Court. There has been a castle at this site for many centuries. The castle itself is not open to the public but the grounds are.

The fall protection systems installed consisted of KEELINE horizontal life line systems and the RINGANKA eyebolts  ( a part of the Kee Safety KEE IBOLT range - Class A1 safety anchors). The requirement was for 70m of KEELINE spread over 12 separate systems 6 number RINGANKA safety eyebolts.

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