DDA Compliant Safety Railings - Festival of Britain

  • Kee Access DDA compliant handrails
  • Kee Access DDA compliant railings
  • Kee Access DDA handrails
  • Kee Access DDA railings
  • Kee Access staircases

Installation Details

Kee Access DDA compliant railings were installed at the Festival of Britain Exhibition, which was held at the South Bank Centre in London from 22 April to 4 September 2011. The festival was attended by over 2.8 million visitors who witnessed hundreds of incredible events and exhibitions.

With the amount of activity and visitors during this event, it was extremely important to ensure that all areas were made as safe as possible. Kee Safety supplied all the Kee Access fittings and tube to our distributor partner who designed and fitted the handrail.

If you look carefully you can see that the main structure that the handrail sits on is actually shipping containers.

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