Circular guardrail without curved tube

Installation Details

Kee Safety has recently installed a circular guardrail around a glass dome on the roof. An architectural glass dome on the roof of a building was considered a danger as no protection was in place to stop employees carrying out maintenance on the roof falling through.

The roof top glass dome presented an interesting challenge for Kee Safety as the guardrail was to be circular. We've decided to use an adjustable fitting from our Kee Lite aluminium fittings range. The L19 Adjustable Side Outlet Tee fitting made the installation very cost-effective because there was no need for complicated and costly curved tube as this was overcome with the adjustable fitting.

Adjustable Fitting


Using the adjustable fitting to construct the circular guardrail for the roof top dome had a number of important benefits for our customer:

  • There was no requirement for complicated and costly curved tube
  • All of the guardrail components were prepared off-site and then delivered for assembly
  • There was no requirement for any welding, threading or tapping on-site
  • The guardrail was quickly installed to make the roof top safe
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