News / New Product: Kee Klamp Decorative End Cap

New Product: Kee Klamp Decorative End Cap

New Product: Kee Klamp Decorative End Cap

Kee Safety Limited is expanding its KEE KLAMP fittings range and introduces a new decorative end cap called an “Oslo Ball”.

"Oslo Ball" KEE KLAMP fitting derives its name from an aesthetic railing feature that is frequently used in Oslo, Norway.  The “Oslo Ball” comes in two sizes and fits onto the end of standard size 7 tube (42.7 tube diameter) and size 8 tube (48.3 tube diameter).


Part Numbers: 32-7 & 32-8


How does the KEE KLAMP Oslo Ball attach?   

Like most of our other KEE KLAMP fittings, a set screw can be found on the lower half of the “ball”. Tighten the set screw to secure the ball to the tube.


How much tube should be left exposed at the top of a railing to attach the KEE KLAMP Oslo Ball?  

You should allow at least 37mm of tube at the top of the railing post for the ball to be fitted.


Are there any alternative uses for this fitting?   

The primary usage of this fitting is to provide a unique aesthetic, but it can also have a functional use in discouraging skateboarders and other pedestrian traffic from sliding across a railing. Additionally, this fitting can be used as a decorative end for a larger curtain rod made from tube and fittings.


When  will the KEE KLAMP Oslo Ball fitting be available?

The fitting is available from Kee Safety Limited now.


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