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Kee Safety’s Test & Training Facility

Kee Safety’s Test & Training Facility

As the continued evolution and development of new product standards drives compliance across the globe, Kee Safety has ensured it remains at the forefront of global innovation by investing in its own test facility at Cradley Heath, UK Head Office. 

The testing facility also serves as the groups training centre to enable employees to become fully conversant with all the company’s products before presenting them to customers or attending site to install a dedicated safety solution.

Our Technical Team, based full time at the Test & Training Centre in West Midlands, is responsible for ensuring all products supplied by Kee Safety comply with the relevant standards, wherever they are sold in the world. Compliance with European, Canadian or American standards is a fundamental requirement, but other international standards also need to be catered for.


New Product Design

The main function of our Test & Training Centre is to develop, test and enhance the range of Fall Protection products sold by the Kee Safety Group. The centrepiece of the facility is a 30’ drop tower used primarily for lifeline testing but also doubling up as a rescue training tower.

The layout of the facility allows for walls or roof structures to be built to mirror actual installations so testing of product in exactly the required substrate can be delivered to give clients total peace of mind as to exactly how the products will perform when installed. All tests are filmed, so Kee Safety has a visual record of performance in each substrate and the test parameters an installation was subject to.


The facility also has its own training room where all courses are run. Accommodating up to 12 delegates, training sessions are run regularly to help employees understand the Standards that exist and how to apply these in order to provide a solution to the real issues our clients face. All training is conducted by PTTLS qualified personnel either from our Technical Team or professional consultants.


Third Party Verification of Test Results

Many customers require third party verification of test results for added reassurance that what they are buying is properly tested and complies fully with the recognised standards. Kee Safety works with a number of internationally recognised test houses and a number of leading consultants during its development programmes to ensure it produces optimum products for our clients.  

Many of the consultants are colleagues we work with on Global Standards Committees. Kee Safety is represented on a number of global committees as either Convenor or Co-Chairman which ensures we are experts in what the standards demand and also at the forefront of standards development and implementation. Consequently, our experts are well placed to run in-house test programmes or bring third parties to our facility to witness our test programmes. 

Consultants and Test Houses Kee Safety uses include:-

  • Harry Crawford
  • William Parsons (HIGH Engineering Corp)
  • Dekra
  • HITE
  • NEL


Kee Safety Technical Team

Our Technical Team consists of Degree and ONC/HNC qualified Civil & Mechanical Engineers and Construction Surveyors.

Kee Safety is currently represented on the following committees:

Chair of the UK HSE Advisory Committee for Roofsafety

  •     Chair of the British Safety Industry Federation Height Safety Group
  •     British Standards Institute Principal Expert
  •     Canadian Standards Authority – Associate Member Z259
  •     Work at Height Safety Association Member 



Kee Safety is a leading global provider of safety systems and solutions and is well placed to be a leading player in the industry for many years to come. Our state of the art test and training facility run by a team of industry experts ensures Kee Safety is able to meet the needs of its customers, provides them with fully compliant products and drives new innovation in the name of separating people from hazards.